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Formal Fashion and Niches

Filed under: Fashion,Marketing — UDadmin @ 4:54 pm

I just read a post describing the change in fashion over the last 40 years. More than half of the last century, if you look at the photos, show people dressed really formally in almost every situation. Men wear suits and ties, and woman long dresses and precise hair styles. ┬áThe post ( at www.fresnocitycollegerampage.com ) mentions that people dress in a way that they would like to be perceived, and I’ve seen this to be true, but it needs a bit more.

Most people dress in a way that they hope will get agreement from their friends and associates, and you can see these agreements when you look at specific groups. Bikies, people in the same company reach an agreement about what should be worn and everyone seems happier when there’s a bit of conformity.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that how people dress and look doesn’t really tell you too much about the individuals themselves ( except that they are part of a group ). I was walking down the street once with my 3 year old son on my shoulders, and the toughest looking bikies all smiled and waved to him as we walked past.

So earlier in the century there was a very broad agreement about wearing formal fashion to be accepted, but today, there are agreements that fall into a lot of smaller niches. This actually provides a lot more marketing opportunity when you think about it. Read some more about shop mannequins and sales.

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