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Conversion Rates and Mannequins

Filed under: Mannequins,Marketing — UDadmin @ 11:30 am

A conversion is where a prospective customer takes action, and in a shop this is usually a sale. In internet sales campaigns its often capturing an email address and/or other contact details so that you can communicate further, resulting in sales.

Mannequin displays do a couple of things: 1) they get people into the shop by capturing attention, and 2) they pre-sell or sell the items being displayed.  If you market on the internet, these 2 things are traffic and conversion.  But what’s often overlooked in smaller shops and boutiques is using the mannequins as a step to getting contact details.  Suggesting a scarcity of the items on display, or giving people an opportunity to get the items later ( if they are sitting on the fence ) can both be used to get a name and number and increase the number of sales.  This is also a conversion, and often more valuable.

Building up a list of customers and prospects who are interested in what you have for sale is very valuable. As well as capturing possible lost-sales, it allows you to follow up with further products. There’s a lot more to be said about front-end and back end products that I’ll go over in a later post.

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