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Oscars 2012: The Red Carpet Arrivals

Filed under: Fashion,Mannequins — eve @ 7:10 am

As always Oscar Awards never failed to entice the audience with the Stars Fashion, Gowns, make-ups and most importantly the show case of their talents. For sure everyone is looking forward to see the different actors and actress in their lovely gowns and suits. Some may have appeared simple but elegant, others chose to be stunningly sexy but all in all without a doubt everybody was in awe looking at the stunning faces and designs.

Formal events like these which high fashion designs are always expected, gave different designers the chance to let the world admire their best creations. They must have spent many months, days and hours to be able to come up with such a beauty. One of the most essential thing they need for this to happen is a mannequin that they can use to easily create adjustments and enhance the designs to make it the best. Surely it’ll be such a hassle if they have to re do everything to make adjustments, with mannequins the job became simple and easy.

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