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5 Must have Dresses for All Gals

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins — eve @ 1:06 am

I bet all the girls who set their eyes on this article are dying to read it all up and know what the dresses are that they must have! It’s a fact that most girls love to dress up, so let’s check whether we have the dress or not?

 1. The Essential: The LBD, or little black dress is every woman’s must have. Perfect anywhere at any occasion, choose one that has night and day versatility with a classic, flattering neckline.

2. The Bright Side: With spring in session and summer on the way, a colorful cocktail dress is perfect for any of your party needs! Solid colors, neon brights, and even pretty pastels offer a fresh, fashionable twist on any classic dress. Make sure your colorful shift is comfortable and flowy, and look for fabrics like silk and chiffon that can be dressed up for nighttime! I do have this one in my closet!

3. The Show Stopper: You never know when you’ll receive a last minute event invitation, and you want to be ready! Keeping a black tie dress in your closet is a smart move. It makes you look chic and classy. Don’t forget sexy too!

4. The Fun Piece: A sparkly dress is the perfect way to add versatile glamour to your wardrobe. Look for a dress you can throw a blazer over for a fun night out, or put tights under when the weather is cold. Not so sure if I should go with this one, but they gave an alternative if a sparkling dress might come off as too intimidating you can settle with is to go for a bold print. Small, subtle prints can be worn to the office, flatter every body type, and are a great break from the everyday pantsuit. Larger prints are better for nighttime!

5. The Great Length: Maxi dresses are a go-to piece for any occasion. Whether you’re running errands during the day or heading to a barbeque at night, the maxi dress looks chic anywhere.

So these are the 5 MUST HAVE DRESSES !

If you’re planning to buy one, what do you think would entice you to grab that piece? Well mannequins look good in all the dresses and they will definitely influence your choice!

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