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Marketing Vs Selling

Filed under: Marketing — Robert @ 10:34 pm

Marketing is creating a want for something. You can do your market research and see if there is an incipient want, or a need that you can cultivate. You will also find a lot of people searching for solutions to specific problems on the internet.  But once you have found an area where enough people are in need of a particular thing, your next step as a marketer is to create a want for your solution & product.

You can probably see how this would apply to shop displays and mannequins. People need warm clothes in winter as a solution to being cold. Now a marketer needs to create a want for the clothes that are going to be sold.  After that you can advertise where they can get it and make sure you catch their attention.

I’m really interested in hearing any other viewpoints about this.  Write them down below !

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