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How People Dress & Fashion Display

Filed under: Mannequins,Marketing — UDadmin @ 2:19 pm

There is a great article at http://esnews.org/ called Self concept and Personality expression through Clothing and it talks about how the clothes people wear are showing others how they view themselves. This is a very important thing to understand when you are involved in fashion displays and marketing, because if you can find out from people how they view themselves, then you can promote that image back to them and make more sales.

Groups of people have similar self images – teenagers in a certain district perceive themselves in a similar fashion, and business people in a particular company will also often have closely aligned self-images.

But people in  a group also like to be seen as individual as well. So the other thing to consider when you set up a display of fashion is to show how there can be variation in the promoted style. A group of mannequins can do this, where each one has a slightly different arrangement of clothes and related things. We talk a bit more about this on our pages about the female mannequin and the child mannequin.

But let me know what you think below !

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