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What Influences Fashion Choice ?

Filed under: Fashion,Marketing — UDadmin @ 9:57 pm

There’s a post at www.mensflair.com that talks about people’s artistic and aesthetic tastes applying to lots of areas of their lives and transferring across to the clothes they wear as well. I’ve seen this a lot myself. Many people don’t care one way or the other about aesthetics, but I’d say the majority do and you can see people who are into Celtic art and jewellery wearing clothes that mimic or match that. And people who like South-East Asian style with objects in their house from that area of the world and clothes and fashion matching.

The new thing that I thought of after reading the article is, that if you can find out the aesthetic tastes of people in other areas of their lives, then that’s a great piece of information to market to them. Find out what other things they buy.

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