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Why Choose Female Mannequins ?

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:58 pm

If you ever have the choice of creating a female mannequin display or a male one, choose to do the female one, and this is why I think you should . . .

I read a report of results from a marketer who was testing Facebook adds. He had a page of  example ads and asked people to say which ones they liked the best, but he actually measured which they tried to click. And despite which add people said they liked best, it was the one with the woman that got all the clicks.

And another interesting thing is that the female add was most clicked on by woman as well – and most of the people tested were woman.

maleFemaleTest Why Choose Female Mannequins ?

So men like looking at woman and woman prefer to look at woman – create your displays with female mannequins.

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