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Right Message, at the Right Time

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 9:43 pm

Good marketing is about sending the right message to your customers at the right time. Another way of putting it is that if you send them a message about a style or fashion that was a couple of years ago, you won’t sell too much. But if at the exact time people want to look like a particular celebrity, you create displays that show them that exact look available for sale, you’ll do a heap better.

How do you find out what they want at the exact moment they want it ?

There are the tradition methods of keeping up-to-date by watching magazines and news sources which are still very valid. But there are even better ways available now that you should use too.

  1. Set Google alerts to email you the latest news about your niche.
  2. Do a Google search for your subject, and select Real-time and Discussions from the options.
  3. Use a Twitter account to find out what’s trending in conversations. this is really good because people tell their friends things that they would’t tell you or people they don’t know.
  4. Watch what Sponsored Ads ( Adwords ) appear when you search with terms for your niche. If a good number of people are willing to pay money to advertise, you can assume that the product is selling.

And when you’ve found out what’s trending, make sure you update your mannequin displays and present what people are saying they want. And how else can you increase sales performance with mannequins ? Read our page about display mannequins.

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