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Black Fashion

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 9:25 pm

If you pay attention to fashion and trends you can see that a lot of the clothing styles in vogue today have their source in black culture – in the Americas and Africa. There are the obvious styles that come and go with distinct African patterns and ochres.  There are the home-boy and rap styles that spread out from New York and L.A. Jewellery and accessories. You can see this in movies, in magazines on the catwalk and along with music black-culture aesthetics has now melded deeply into Western.

From a marketing point of view this is good to know because it gives you another approach in your promotion.  Where there is so much affinity for thing it will communicate and can be used to communicate to a large number of people.  Its very worthwhile testing displays that feature black-African and Black-American themes. Read a bit more about how to approach this on our pages about shop mannequins and display mannequins.

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