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Where Are Your Customers ?

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 1:00 pm

I may have mentioned this briefly in an earlier post : its been found that most people do most of their shopping and business at places within 5 miles of where they live. So how does this apply to your promotion and your mannequin displays ?

  1. Regarding mail-outs and fliers, it means that you shouldn’t waste money getting any physical leaflets or promotion distributed outside of this radius.
  2. Regarding displays – the people who live close to your shop are the one’s you are interested in knowing about. While you should still pay attention to national and global fashion, its the local guys who need to be surveyed and spoken to to find out what they want.

People perceive that physical things with a bit of mass are valuable. So even in today’s internet world it’s still great to send them postcards and offers in the mail. And mannequin displays are still working well for window-shoppers and people still like boutiques.  But its a good money and effort saver to know that the area you should  concentrate on is so local.  You can read a bit more about targeting your displays on the shop mannequin and display mannequin pages.

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