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Conversion Models & Sales

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 3:36 pm

A conversion is when someone does the action you want them to.  In the fashion industry this would be buying what’s offered for sale, but it could also be a sub-product, like joining a mailing list. And a conversion model is the line or process that people take from the time they arrive at the store until the sale ( or other result ) is made.

With most good marketing, and in fact the production of anything worthwhile there is usually a line, or step-by-step route to arrive at the desired result. When developing physical products its called a production line. The item passes from point to point with changes made at each point until its complete.

It pays to work out the line that new people take when entering a shop. Watch a customer or have someone pretend be the customer and see what they do, what they see first, where they go and so on. Often you find things that are turning people away – I went into a shop once and couldn’t get to the shirts rack. So I left and went somewhere else.

Work out a conversion model, and start testing the lines and flows in your store & you might even see sales increase !

Also pay attention to the info on our page about shop mannequins.

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