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Embroidered Jeans

Filed under: Mannequins — Robert @ 1:52 pm

For girls, I like jeans that have some embroidery. Patches on jeans seem to have become a bit outdated, but along with the grunge look, embroidery still seems to be in. Clothing has become fairly similar across the globe, but attention to detail on common styles makes it a lot more interesting.

I also find that when I’m in shops, its the customized mannequins that attract my attention. If I’m actually looking for clothes, then it doesn’t matter, but if I’m just walking through, something distinctive and out-of-the-usual is worth looking at. So there’s a chance of a sale sitting there !

We have a bit written about custom mannequins Рmannequin couture. And World News Today has the article about embroidered clothes that got me thinking about it. What do you think about embroidered clothes ? ( leave a comment below )

Luxury Luggage

Filed under: Fashion,Marketing — Robert @ 10:40 pm

There’s an article at www.piercemattiepublicrelations.com that talks about the Rimowa brand of luxury luggage. It struck me that luggage is actually a great way of positioning a particular style of dress and lifestyle. If you’ve done the research on your customers and found that they prefer luxury baggage, you can have pieces arranged with your mannequins (¬†cases and bags would also be a great up-sell ).

The same would apply to other styles of bag as well – a young/grunge crowd might be found to be into rough, shoulder bags, so these could be used to help sell clothes etc. There’s more written about presenting the right image to people in our page about shop mannequins.

Podcast Alley

Filed under: Podcasts — Robert @ 1:45 pm

We’ve started putting out a podcast. you can find them on this site, and also from Podcast Alley.

MannequinsRus Podcast Feed! {pca-3803a7cefae17112ef49a8fa7f82aeb5}

The Male Mannequin [MP3 Podcast]

Filed under: Podcasts — Robert @ 12:57 pm

What do you need to know about selecting a male mannequin ?
Click on the link below to listen to an MP3 that covers this.

Male Mannequin

Female Mannequin [MP3 Podcast]

Filed under: Podcasts — Robert @ 12:44 pm

Have you ever wanted to know how to select the right female mannequins ?
Click the link below to listen to an MP3 that covers how.

Female Mannequin

About United Displays

United Displays commenced in 1946 specialising in servicing the requirements of the visual merchandising segment of the retail industry.

With our extensive skills base in sculpturing and moulding we can custom-make any items including mannequins, signs, museum pieces, theme park displays, jewellery displays, decorative pieces and other props.