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Do these Models catch Attention ?

Filed under: Mannequins — UDadmin @ 10:50 pm

There’s a post at http://www.prcouture.com that’s talking about Canada’s next top echo-fashion designer.  It’s not this that I find interesting though – it’s the model and how she’s standing and presenting the dresses.  I find the image very eye-catching and if these were realistic mannequins in a store, they would make me stop and look. Its worth while paying attention to how live-models stand and sell an image as this can often be easily duplicated in a mannequin display.

( It’s also worthwhile reading a bit about custom mannequins here. )

Mannequins & Movies

Filed under: Mannequins — UDadmin @ 10:58 am

Often when you go and see a movie you’ll find mannequins dressed up as characters from the movie standing alongside the posters or sometimes several as a complete display of their own.  And the kids love them – mine go up and walk around them and talk about the way they’re standing and what they’re wearing.

So based on what I see at the movies, if you’re promoting to kids, it makes sense to me to do similar things with the mannequins in a normal store.  Find out what current movies kids are interested in and dress up some mannequins in similar styles. Place them with the other clothes you’re selling.  And read a bit more about testing in shop mannequins.

Golf, Fashion and Mannequins

Filed under: Fashion,Mannequins — UDadmin @ 11:08 pm

Sports fashion is big. There’s a lot of money to be made in any niche where people are fanatic, and you’ll find with sports this is very much the case. Someone who’s into tennis wants the best racquet, the best shoes, the best hat and clothes. When you use a mannequin to display any sports wear, make sure you place all the items associated with the sport in the display and it will get far more notice.

Adidas has just released it’s new golf-wear this week in New York. Their new Fashion Performance collection features really bright colors and bold, block designs that stand out dramatically. They’re perfect for an eye catching mannequin display.

Professional Mannequin Displays

Filed under: Displays,Mannequins,Marketing — UDadmin @ 9:30 pm

Ralph Lauren was interviewed by Oprah recently at his ranch in the Rocky Mountains. It was the first interview he’s delivered there, letting the outside world see his family and private house. It was the most beautiful setting, stretching for 34 miles in each direction, with snow-capped mountains skirting the horizon.  He had his homestead and a cowboy saloon; there were even 4 hand-painted Navaho teepees set up for visitors.  And everything was perfect.

The attention to detail was perfect, and you notice this too with everything he’s created in his career. Attention to detail is what sets a professional apart from the crowd.  Its noticed and highly valued by people.  You’ll find that high-end boutiques and stores also pay a lot of attention to detail in their displays and presentation, and its something that can be demonstrated to increase income.

When you create a mannequin display, don’t just hastily clothe and arrange the mannequins. Take care of the details as well – accessories, lighting and positioning – the display will do a far better job of engaging the audience.

Mannequins & Market Research

Filed under: Mannequins,Marketing — UDadmin @ 11:17 pm

I was watching some marketing videos today, and as there often is, there was a lot said about market research and assessing the competition.  Its something that applies just as much to physical mannequin displays, but is often overlooked.  When you want to stand out from the other stores on a street or in a shopping area, what you need to do is be more interesting and apparent than the others.

It pays to walk around and look at how the competing stores are promoting.  They don’t have to even be  your direct competition – you just want to get an idea of what you need to do to out-do their promotion. Sometimes it doesn’t involve much work at all to create a mannequin display that’s far more interesting than what’s displayed in other shop fronts.

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