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5 Must have Dresses for All Gals

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins — eve @ 1:06 am

I bet all the girls who set their eyes on this article are dying to read it all up and know what the dresses are that they must have! It’s a fact that most girls love to dress up, so let’s check whether we have the dress or not?

 1. The Essential: The LBD, or little black dress is every woman’s must have. Perfect anywhere at any occasion, choose one that has night and day versatility with a classic, flattering neckline.

2. The Bright Side: With spring in session and summer on the way, a colorful cocktail dress is perfect for any of your party needs! Solid colors, neon brights, and even pretty pastels offer a fresh, fashionable twist on any classic dress. Make sure your colorful shift is comfortable and flowy, and look for fabrics like silk and chiffon that can be dressed up for nighttime! I do have this one in my closet!

3. The Show Stopper: You never know when you’ll receive a last minute event invitation, and you want to be ready! Keeping a black tie dress in your closet is a smart move. It makes you look chic and classy. Don’t forget sexy too!

4. The Fun Piece: A sparkly dress is the perfect way to add versatile glamour to your wardrobe. Look for a dress you can throw a blazer over for a fun night out, or put tights under when the weather is cold. Not so sure if I should go with this one, but they gave an alternative if a sparkling dress might come off as too intimidating you can settle with is to go for a bold print. Small, subtle prints can be worn to the office, flatter every body type, and are a great break from the everyday pantsuit. Larger prints are better for nighttime!

5. The Great Length: Maxi dresses are a go-to piece for any occasion. Whether you’re running errands during the day or heading to a barbeque at night, the maxi dress looks chic anywhere.

So these are the 5 MUST HAVE DRESSES !

If you’re planning to buy one, what do you think would entice you to grab that piece? Well mannequins look good in all the dresses and they will definitely influence your choice!

Jewelry Fashion Trends 2012-2013: Gift Giving

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins,Marketing — eve @ 5:57 am

Jewelry is one of the most common gifts there are. If you’re planning to give your loved one a piece of jewelry, you must first determine what suits them best. Not just that, you also have to consider what’s in and what’s not in a never ending change of fashion.

According to sun-sentinel.com, Fine jewelry trends move at a glacial pace. Fashion-wise, the direction this upcoming season seems to be colorful, bold and personalized.

They interviewed local jewelry designers and retailers to see what will be “in’ with baubles, bangles and bright shiny things …


These are some things to keep in mind whenever you decide to buy jewelry this season. It’s up to you what to choose, but the above mentioned things are a guide. The most important thing is the satisfaction you get in buying the peice.

If you own a jewelry or accessory shop, what method do you use to entice customers to your shop?  Mannequin jewelry stands will definitely help you boosts your sales!

Get one now! 


We all have our different summer faves outfit! Thebeautydepartment.com shared  four favorite pairs of summer must have shoes along with nail shades to either match them or clash them.

The Wedge,almost all of us girls loves these pretty pair of shoes, I mean who wouldn’t?  It makes you look so fresh and feminine, paired with the right nail polish I”m sure you’re going to make every girls envy those beauties you’re wearing.

Favorite Sandals, these pair of canary sandals can definitely make you look light and fun and can definitely brighten any outfit.

And then we have the pumps, the tri-colored heels they picked couldn’t be more on trend for the season and are beyond sexy!

Last but not the least are the platform that Rachel designed. Platforms can make you look sexy and simple. The red ones makes you look feisty!

Different types of accessories compliments your total look, from your headbands or head dress down to your shoes can make any statement depending on how you want people to see you! Isn’t it amazing?  You don’t need to tell the world what you are verbally anymore! With your glamour and style? It’s going to be impossible to ignore you!

Even different boutiques and stores today dresses their mannequins in a way that shoppers would want to look and would definitely buy those items for sale!

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Many (un)Happy Returns

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins,Marketing — eve @ 10:11 am

There are various of reasons why you want to return something you purchased online. Some of them are defective products, not the right size and some not what you really want.

As I have mentioned Bad fit is a common problem in online apparel sales, perhaps the main reason that shopping for clothes online hasn’t taken off in the same way that shopping for everything else has. Most successful online apparel retailers suffer extreme high rates of returned merchandise. Customers return approximately 35 percent of the shoes purchased from online stores, for instance, and the store’s best customers (those who spend the most money) return half of what they buy.

This suggests that a lot of people are buying stuff to try it on and send it back. Some of the returns are likely a matter of taste — those sandals don’t look as good on your feet as they did on your laptop — but many retailers say poor fit is undeniably their biggest headache.

The good news is technology created something called True Fit this machine can scan the body figure of the customer so that the virtual store can derive the exact fit of the buyer.

Still even if it’s pretty convenient to buy everything online, it’s definitely better to buy what you need personally especially when it comes to any clothing apparel.

For boutique and store managers- What do you think is the best way to attract costumers offline when it comes to outfits? Just like any other things presentation of the products really count not just offline but online too. Yes maybe it’s OK to just use hangers for presenting your clothes but it definitely have a different impact when you use Mannequins!!!

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Art Loves Fashion

Filed under: Displays,Fashion — eve @ 7:36 am

Keni Valenti, known as the “King of Vintage Couture” to celebrities, editors and design houses around the globe. He opened the city’s first fashion art gallery in Wynwood during the district’s Art Walk.

The gallery is at Northwest Second Avenue and 26th Street. Named after its owner, its only signage is a giant black-and-white mural of Yves Saint Laurent outside the gallery, representing the first designer in Valenti’s exhibit.

The exhibit includes decades of Yves Saint Laurent apparel, photographs, lithographs, jewelry, hats and accessories — all from Valenti’s private collection, which includes more than 10,000 articles of couture designers.

There’s Les Smoking, worn by James Franco on the cover of Candy Magazine in October 2010, the infamous Safari Suit and hat worn by the legendary Verushka in 1968, a few pieces from the Tryolean and Russian collection, power suits from the ‘80s that Valenti calls very “Ivana Trump.” And what he refers to as his showstopper: a 1959 Dior Couture evening gown from the Ballet Russes collection also shot for Italian Vogue by Steven Meisel.

Valenti have been collecting vintage for 30 years, but not regular vintage. He’s also  working on setting up lectures and having guest speakers come to teach people about the different exhibits.

Presenting fashion in our society is always changing because there’s always a room for improvement. People would always  want something different, sometimes we like something fresh or unique. But classics or vintage never goes out of style.

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