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Jewelry Fashion Trends 2012-2013: Gift Giving

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins,Marketing — eve @ 5:57 am

Jewelry is one of the most common gifts there are. If you’re planning to give your loved one a piece of jewelry, you must first determine what suits them best. Not just that, you also have to consider what’s in and what’s not in a never ending change of fashion.

According to sun-sentinel.com, Fine jewelry trends move at a glacial pace. Fashion-wise, the direction this upcoming season seems to be colorful, bold and personalized.

They interviewed local jewelry designers and retailers to see what will be “in’ with baubles, bangles and bright shiny things …


These are some things to keep in mind whenever you decide to buy jewelry this season. It’s up to you what to choose, but the above mentioned things are a guide. The most important thing is the satisfaction you get in buying the peice.

If you own a jewelry or accessory shop, what method do you use to entice customers to your shop?  Mannequin jewelry stands will definitely help you boosts your sales!

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We all have our different summer faves outfit! Thebeautydepartment.com shared  four favorite pairs of summer must have shoes along with nail shades to either match them or clash them.

The Wedge,almost all of us girls loves these pretty pair of shoes, I mean who wouldn’t?  It makes you look so fresh and feminine, paired with the right nail polish I”m sure you’re going to make every girls envy those beauties you’re wearing.

Favorite Sandals, these pair of canary sandals can definitely make you look light and fun and can definitely brighten any outfit.

And then we have the pumps, the tri-colored heels they picked couldn’t be more on trend for the season and are beyond sexy!

Last but not the least are the platform that Rachel designed. Platforms can make you look sexy and simple. The red ones makes you look feisty!

Different types of accessories compliments your total look, from your headbands or head dress down to your shoes can make any statement depending on how you want people to see you! Isn’t it amazing?  You don’t need to tell the world what you are verbally anymore! With your glamour and style? It’s going to be impossible to ignore you!

Even different boutiques and stores today dresses their mannequins in a way that shoppers would want to look and would definitely buy those items for sale!

Want to learn how to attract buyers just by using you mannequins display? Check us out now!


Many (un)Happy Returns

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins,Marketing — eve @ 10:11 am

There are various of reasons why you want to return something you purchased online. Some of them are defective products, not the right size and some not what you really want.

As I have mentioned Bad fit is a common problem in online apparel sales, perhaps the main reason that shopping for clothes online hasn’t taken off in the same way that shopping for everything else has. Most successful online apparel retailers suffer extreme high rates of returned merchandise. Customers return approximately 35 percent of the shoes purchased from online stores, for instance, and the store’s best customers (those who spend the most money) return half of what they buy.

This suggests that a lot of people are buying stuff to try it on and send it back. Some of the returns are likely a matter of taste — those sandals don’t look as good on your feet as they did on your laptop — but many retailers say poor fit is undeniably their biggest headache.

The good news is technology created something called True Fit this machine can scan the body figure of the customer so that the virtual store can derive the exact fit of the buyer.

Still even if it’s pretty convenient to buy everything online, it’s definitely better to buy what you need personally especially when it comes to any clothing apparel.

For boutique and store managers- What do you think is the best way to attract costumers offline when it comes to outfits? Just like any other things presentation of the products really count not just offline but online too. Yes maybe it’s OK to just use hangers for presenting your clothes but it definitely have a different impact when you use Mannequins!!!

So don’t waste your time and get the best mannequins display for your store check this out -http://mannequinsrus.net/display-mannequins/ !!!

Ethical Fashion Accessories

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins,Marketing — eve @ 5:53 am

An eye catching article about a local businessman of Ethiopia, Sammy Ethiopia creating opportunities for local artisans and craftsman works from local to international level with their luxury lines and leather goods!

These Luxury scarves are hand-stitched and hand-woven using ancient techniques. Thanks to the local craftsman that’s responsible for the awesome leather goods, which feature fine details such as hand-printed cotton lining, traditional bead embellishments and embroidery.

These unique and exotic accessories created by skilled local artisans not only gives us the opportunity to adore the ethnic fashion but also provides work for the locals! See ? doing good and feeling good at the same time!

Fashion accessories like bags and jewelries can really make a difference on how your outfit turnout! So you better make the best choice!

Talking about jewelries don’t you find it confusing sometimes on which jewelry to buy? and why is that? Maybe because of the poor presentation, which is by the way the common mistakes among shops! Well then worry no more for I know how to make your jewelries attract more customers more than you’ve ever imagined!

Fashion Is More Than Frivolousness

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins,Marketing — eve @ 3:49 am

Some people today consider fashion to be one of the basic needs ( like food and clothes ). If you look at it scientifically,  it’s not but when you look at it practically, it is. Say when we browse the net what do we usually find? Isn’t it about celebrities?  And what about them? It’s about their outfits and how they look at a certain event – it’s all about FASHION.

Taylor Handberry claims that fashion is more than frivolous.  It’s because of the heavy importance that clothes and appearances have on our society. With that in mind, almost every aspect fashion plays an important role. If not, there’d be no dress codes in schools, appropriate interview attire or hours dedicated to picking out outfits for the next day.

Fashion has a big influence in modern society and how fashion is presented to the public plays an important role. In shops or boutiques how you present your items matter – the way a mannequin wears a dress can have an impact on the customers! Even kids choose outfits based on what they see on a mannequin.

Here are some tips on how mannequins can increase your sales through fashion marketing !

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