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How do you Choose the right Child Mannequin ?

A child mannequin provides just as good a solution for displaying clothes as mannequins for adults. But the difference here, is that in most cases its the parents who have the money and who will buy the clothes.

Have you noticed that kids – particularly older kids – usually have strong opinions about what they should wear and how they should look. And ( as most adults do ) kids want to look good for their friends and are often in groups that wear a distinctive style of clothes. Its really important to them to fit in; probably far more so than with adults.

The Marketing Rules !

The strategy for presenting clothes and fashion gets modified a bit when promoting to children.

1) When researching a niche for kids, you really need to find out from both the kids and the parents what image each thinks is right and how the child should look. Its likely that there will be 2 different opinions, which can be quite tricky.

2) Testing is really important. Sometimes you can display the clothes that the parents want to see their child wear, on mannequins and in a way that appeals to the kids. Or the other way round – use mannequins that appeal to the parents to overcome barriers in getting the kids the clothes they want.

3) Kids are far more attracted to color, movement and action than adults. So when your doing the 2nd thing mentioned above, make sure the mannequins aren’t boring and can be associated with things in the kids environment – the latest games, cartoons, movies etc. Often its the child that will make the sale for you with their parents.

LOTS of sales to kids are made via joint-ventures. For example, McDonald’s meals promote Pixar movies and kids then associate the food with the cool movie. You can’t market your products using trademarks you have no right to, but you can be aware and make use of the colors, and images that are currently appealing to a child’s age group.

4) Children grow fast and you’ll probably find that clothes displayed on mannequins that look the same size and age will do better at holding attention.

I write the following bit a lot in my articles because I think it’s so important : the most important thing you can do when creating a mannequin display, is survey the people you’re targeting. You can only know what people want and are thinking about by asking them.

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