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Archive for November, 2010

Toronto Fashion

Filed under: Fashion — Robert @ 9:15 am

If you’re involved in the fashion industry, at some stage you’ll hear about Etobicoke, the Neilson Park Center and other names associated with textile and garment design.  Toronto in Canada, is a large center for fashion designers.  There’s a good article that you can read at http://www.knowledge-for-free.info

Human Made Damaged Denim ?

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Marketing — Robert @ 9:15 pm

I guess that’s a fancy way of saying 2nd-hand.  The jeans in the post at http://hypebeast.com are REALLY dirty looking. They’d look good in a shop display – maybe of street fighting, but I don’t think I could bring myself to wear them.

From the point of view of selling to a particular niche of people though, they could aide sales if worn on the right mannequins. We talk a bit about this on our page about shop mannequins.

Emotional Tone and Selling

Filed under: Marketing — Robert @ 10:52 pm

I just read an article about a guy who markets to his public with masses of enthusiasm, and it lead me to write this post about it.

( the article’s at http://www.jzlyhsyxx.com/archives/571 )

If you want to get agreement from people, it’s actually quite important to note their emotional tone.  Being super-enthusiastic might not be the way to go, if the people you’re selling to are conservative.  Have you ever been enthusiastic with a conservative person & noticed how they get angry ( even if they try to hide it and be polite ) and go out of agreement with you ?

You could also, as an experiment, try being cheerful with a person who is scared, and notice how they drop down to apathy.

You need to be conservative with conservative people, cheerful with cheerful people etc. This works just as much with selling an idea as it does selling a product, and even in everyday conversation.


Filed under: Fashion,Mannequins — Robert @ 9:25 pm

One thing I’ve noticed that is often not given enough attention on mannequin displays is the hairstyle. If you’re promoting a fashion item – clothes, jewelry, accessories – you want the people looking at the display to identify with it.

Hair is such a prominent feature on people and so much attention is paid to it, that you need to make sure its in keeping with the image and product being promoted.  You can keep track of recent hair styles in the articles at http://www.stylebistro.com

We’ve also got a bit written about this on our page about the mannequin head.

Some Well Dressed Men

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins — Robert @ 9:15 pm

Most celebrities dress pretty well, and their dress is often copied in the fashion industry. For some good photos of well dressed male celebrities, go to www.theclothingmenu.com

The main reason I think these photos are good, is that from a display perspective, look at the way they’re standing. They could easily be in a shop-front window. If you’re after some examples of how you can position  male mannequins realistically. We’ve also written a bit on this on our page about the male mannequin.

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