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Archive for December, 2010

Mannequin Couture

Filed under: Mannequins — UDadmin @ 2:57 pm

Mannequin Couture

Be Willing to Learn

Filed under: Fashion,Marketing — UDadmin @ 1:32 pm

A lot of people – and this is in the marketing and fashion industry, as much as any other – hold onto a consideration that they already know all about what works and what doesn’t.  This is a big barrier that lowers their ability to observe and prevents them from learning new things. People who consider that they already know all about something see no point in looking at it freshly.

I read an article at http://fashionablymarketing.me that lists 11 steps for Fashionable Success in 2011, and all the points are really good and true. But an important 12th point should be :- Don’t ever consider that you know all about something – especially in fast changing areas like marketing and fashion.

Toddler’s Clothes Displays

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 9:47 pm

I just read an article at www.ratedgtv.net about buying toddlers clothes, and started thinking about displays for these.  Marketing clothes for really small kids would be a different strategy again, to marketing for older kids ( which we write about on the  child mannequin page ).  It’s the parents that need to be sold on the clothes, not the kids.  Small kids will communicate to parents if clothes are uncomfortable – mine d0 – but initially all the decision making is done by adults.

Corporate Style

Filed under: Fashion,Mannequins — UDadmin @ 9:16 pm

I’ve never paid much attention to suits and business-style. I spent years wearing a suit in the city center, but my choices were limited to simple things like “is my grey suit clean this week” & if not I’d wear the black one.  The post at www.thestyleblogger.com show you how much else can be taken into account when you’re selecting a style to wear to work. Tie pins, types & weaves of cloth, and matching of colors in pants jackets, vests and overcoats. There really is a lot of detail that you can pay attention to.

This applies to dressing a male mannequin as well. In some markets, it’s the attention to detail in the display that will increase it’s performance.

Vintage-lace Fashion

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 10:23 pm

I’ve read from a few sources lately that vintage fashion has been appearing more & more. There’s a nice picture at www.bluevelvetvintage.com showing Michelle Obama wearing a 1950s vintage-lace cocktail dress recently on the  TNT Christmas in Washington Special. ( Also a picture of a vintage-style mannequin with a similar dress displayed. )

Vintage clothes can be really beautiful and deserve nice displays. We have a bit written about where to use a vintage mannequin on this website.

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