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Archive for January, 2011

Casual Office Clothes

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:45 pm

You’d assume that clothes for the office would always be conservative, but that would be a guess that might lose you some sales.  If you look at the post at blog.freepeople.com you’ll see what some people consider to be good style for the office. Find out what your customers want and make sure you display and promote that ! Also read what we say about types of display mannequins.


Filed under: Displays,Fashion — UDadmin @ 9:44 pm

I haven’t know anything about Steampunk until today, but it’s a subculture of people who have a really distinctive clothing & aesthetic style. Steampunk is the fashion of the Victorian steam era as it might have developed had the era lasted longer. So it’s got elements of today & the future based on steam power and other technologies of the Victorians.

It’s really cool, and generally not as heavy and dark as the Gothic niche.  There are some great picture of the clothing style at http://www.lacarmina.com and I’ve also embedded a video of a Steampunk band just below too.

If you’re selling Steampunk jewellery, mannequin jewellery stands would probably be the way to go.

What Influences Fashion Choice ?

Filed under: Fashion,Marketing — UDadmin @ 9:57 pm

There’s a post at www.mensflair.com that talks about people’s artistic and aesthetic tastes applying to lots of areas of their lives and transferring across to the clothes they wear as well. I’ve seen this a lot myself. Many people don’t care one way or the other about aesthetics, but I’d say the majority do and you can see people who are into Celtic art and jewellery wearing clothes that mimic or match that. And people who like South-East Asian style with objects in their house from that area of the world and clothes and fashion matching.

The new thing that I thought of after reading the article is, that if you can find out the aesthetic tastes of people in other areas of their lives, then that’s a great piece of information to market to them. Find out what other things they buy.

( more related info at shop mannequins )

Gothic Clothing

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:44 pm

I live in Newtown ( Sydney, Australia ) for 8 years, and there’s a large Gothic community. You might think that marketing clothes to Goths would be different, because niches vary, and they are really distinctive. But from the displays on King St. it seemed to be the same – mannequins and racks and the shops were making sales. So it’s important to test and be aware of what’s working. Here’s an article about Gothic clothes that might help with some marketing ideas: http://www.81tn.com

The same rules apply though, which we talk about in shop mannequins.

Selling Handbags

Filed under: Displays — UDadmin @ 11:18 pm

A lot of shops display handbags all jumbled together, or stacked, or on shelves. I’ve been reading a couple of promotional articles that talk about handbags and jewellery and accessories, and they concentrate on the products themselves, rather than the people and what they want. It is so important when you’ve selling to people to find out what they are trying to achieve by getting a product. Then you can promote back to them with some understanding.  A bit more on stands & displays at the mannequin-jewellery-stand page.

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