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Archive for February, 2011

Prom Dresses

Filed under: Displays — UDadmin @ 9:39 pm

This is a fashion niche I haven’t payed any attention to previously. But recently I’ve come across a few posts on other sites & realized that there’s a huge market for prom dresses. And there are constant new buyers for them.

I wrote another post a short while ago about using special occasions and events to catch attention and proms would definitely be one of these. Keep displays changing so that people notice they’re there. and use the info on this page too – shop mannequins

Kate Middleton

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 9:51 pm

Being the fiance of a future King makes Kate Middleton a definite opinion leader in the fashion scene. Paying attention to what she wears is a good cue for how to set up fashion displays for several niches in the clothing industry.  There are some good recent pictures at http://www.popeater.com/2011/02/24/kate-middleton-style/

Fashion Weeks

Filed under: Fashion,Marketing — UDadmin @ 4:39 pm

There are a number of fashion centers around the world –  Milan, London, New York & Paris. Toronto in Canada and Miami seem to be up & coming too from posts I read. Most of them have fashion weeks a couple of times a year – one for Autumn/Winter and the other for Spring/Summer – usually kicking off with New York.

Now if you’re selling fashion from a shop, this is something worth paying attention too, because catching people’s attention requires doing something out of the ordinary, and if you’ve ever watch fashion displays, there are usually clothes that are way out of the ordinary being paraded up & down the catwalks.

Use things you see that people are talking about and jump on the bandwagon where you can. You’ll find that there are a heap of special weeks and months that are promoted or celebrated through the year that you can also use – like International Hot Tea Month.

Catching Attention

Filed under: Displays — UDadmin @ 3:01 pm

There is so much to pay attention to, when you’re shopping, on the internet, driving. Lots of people have written about the overwhelming number of advertising messages we receive every day. If you can get people to take that first look, then you have a chance of them coming into the shop, with a resulting sale.

A lot of marketing works by being out-of-the ordinary ( or outrageous ). Have a look at the fashion on display for New York Fashion Week – http://www.bestweekever.tv You may not be selling these clothes in particular, but as a shop-front display to catch that initial interest, you could sure test them. Also use this info regarding shop mannequins when setting up your displays.

Aesthetics and Promotion

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:11 pm

Aesthetics communicates and fashion is very much about aesthetics. The other thing about aesthetics is how individual it is. Music and art preferences, colours and the clothes that are worn are very much a communication of individuality.

So its really surprising that there is enough uniformity to create niches that can be marketed to. The thing is, to tap into and find the agreements that define a niche.  People who are part of a particular group have made agreements in order to remain in communication with other people, if there were no agreements there would be no friends icon sad Aesthetics and Promotion

So finding the agreements will allow you to create a communication to people that gets received. We give more specific examples of this in our pages on shop mannequins and display-mannequins.

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