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Archive for March, 2011

Kate Middleton & Fashion

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 10:19 pm

Kate is definitely worth watching from a fashion viewpoint. Anything to do with the upcoming wedding, and both William and Kate from then on will draw a lot of attention and should be used to where possible in displays and promotion. Especially keep an eye out for the wedding dress and make sure that any wedding displays somehow references the royal wedding ( at least, that’s my opinion of what will do well – but should be researched locally of course ).

Texture and Fashion

Filed under: Displays — UDadmin @ 9:50 pm

The texture of material in clothes is something that fashion designers consider a lot. Texture is to do with the weave as well as the fiber – both things that influence the durability of the garments and their ability to maintain their shape without distorting over time.

But texture is also an extremely aesthetic thing too, shedding light and color in different ways and providing unique feels on the skin. And different textures, just like colors, can look good or bad next to each other. When you create a display, make sure you take into account the textures of the different clothes being displayed.

Shanghai Fashion

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:03 pm

When you start seeing a number of news stories in Western media about Chinese fashion, it’s probably time to start taking notice yourself. People are becoming a lot more interested in the clothing coming out of China, not just as cheap import stock for Western companies, but as labels in their own right.

Find out if your customers are paying attention to this trend, and use it in your marketing. And of course, it’s another fashion week – Shanghai !

Another Fashion Week

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 10:09 pm

I never paid much attention to fashion weeks before I started writing posts for Mannequins R us. But now I find  them all over the place. Palm Springs fashion week has just opened – I read about it in a post at http://latimesblogs.latimes.com

It seems that a lot of smaller cities and large towns all have their fashion week, so this is definitely something to pay attention to and make use of in displays.

Being Noticed

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:56 pm

Increasing sales is a lot about being noticed, and marketers have found over and over again that being out-of-the ordinary and even OUTRAGEOUS  increases income simply because of the amount of attention this gets. I read about Walmart selling leopard-print dresses and how this Walmart fashion is being promoted by a blog – pennychic.com

Leopard print clothes are kind or outrageous these days, but they get noticed and might even make Walmart a fashion destination. So if you can be outrageous and still promote a correct image to your customers, this will do a lot to increase sales.

( there’s a bit more about testing in the shop mannequins page that you should apply too )

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