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Archive for April, 2011

Royal Wedding is Pure Gold

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 10:24 pm

There is so much excitement and interest in the Royal Wedding with headlines like Royal wedding a triumph for the monarchy‎, London alive with wedding excitement‎. It would be hard to omit a post about the Royal Wedding, and with all the global attention on England and the new Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge I expect the fashion industry to take a lead from what’s on display.

The wedding looked absolutely beautiful and great weather allowed magnificent views and photography of the procession and Westminster Abbey. The bride’s wedding dress will probably influence fashion over the next year, as will the bouquet & veil. My wife was pretty interested in the dresses that Kate’s sister and mother were wearing, so based on this I think we may see some style influence from there as well ( I wouldn’t expect the military dress of Will & Harry will set any trends though ).


Mixed Messages

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 11:12 pm

When you’re trying to get a point across, the context or surrounding communications have a definite bearing on your success. Sometimes when you walk through a store, or read a magazine there are so many competing ( and sometimes conflicting ) messages that its just confusing.

If you’re a shop-owner and or marketer one thing to remain very aware of is the number and types of promotional messages in your store. Make sure that they are themed and that there aren’t so many that no single message is being communicated.  For example, if you have a sale of Levi jeans, take down the out-of-date posters of other brands and put up Levi posters.  Then when people look across at the store there will be some impact – a clear message that isn’t lost in a mix of competing less relevant promotion.

Small Business

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 11:20 pm

Small business owners generally don’t know a lot about marketing – either on  the net, or traditionally. And this makes sense, because the owner of a boutique or fashion store is concentrating on managing the shop and handling the customers in front of them.

But this does tell you where you can get an advantage over the competition. If you can find the time to learn a bit about the marketing techniques that have been demonstrated to work, and apply just one or 2 at a time, you’re doing more than a lot of other guys and can get an edge. You don’t have to be the best marketer around – only better than the others in your area.

You can find some fast techniques to start off with on our pages about shop mannequins and display mannequins.

Conversion Models & Sales

Filed under: Marketing — UDadmin @ 3:36 pm

A conversion is when someone does the action you want them to.  In the fashion industry this would be buying what’s offered for sale, but it could also be a sub-product, like joining a mailing list. And a conversion model is the line or process that people take from the time they arrive at the store until the sale ( or other result ) is made.

With most good marketing, and in fact the production of anything worthwhile there is usually a line, or step-by-step route to arrive at the desired result. When developing physical products its called a production line. The item passes from point to point with changes made at each point until its complete.

It pays to work out the line that new people take when entering a shop. Watch a customer or have someone pretend be the customer and see what they do, what they see first, where they go and so on. Often you find things that are turning people away – I went into a shop once and couldn’t get to the shirts rack. So I left and went somewhere else.

Work out a conversion model, and start testing the lines and flows in your store & you might even see sales increase !

Also pay attention to the info on our page about shop mannequins.

Where Are Your Customers ?

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 1:00 pm

I may have mentioned this briefly in an earlier post : its been found that most people do most of their shopping and business at places within 5 miles of where they live. So how does this apply to your promotion and your mannequin displays ?

  1. Regarding mail-outs and fliers, it means that you shouldn’t waste money getting any physical leaflets or promotion distributed outside of this radius.
  2. Regarding displays – the people who live close to your shop are the one’s you are interested in knowing about. While you should still pay attention to national and global fashion, its the local guys who need to be surveyed and spoken to to find out what they want.

People perceive that physical things with a bit of mass are valuable. So even in today’s internet world it’s still great to send them postcards and offers in the mail. And mannequin displays are still working well for window-shoppers and people still like boutiques.  But its a good money and effort saver to know that the area you should  concentrate on is so local.  You can read a bit more about targeting your displays on the shop mannequin and display mannequin pages.

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