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Archive for May, 2011

The Great Gatsby

Filed under: Fashion — UDadmin @ 9:19 pm

Here’s a nice bit of marketing. If you’ve been reading a bit about upcoming films you’ve probably heard that a remake of the Great Gatsby is due to be made in Sydney this year, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The fashion of the 1920’s is really distinctive and people just love a bit of retro.

But what I’ve been reading is that the clothes in the movie, while portraying the actual fashion of the time, will be made that bit more like today’s styles. After the vintage and African trends the last 2 years, I think this will likely be the next.

Get Your Sales Pitch Across

Filed under: Displays — UDadmin @ 2:18 pm

Mannequin displays are a means of communicating to potential buyers, and there’s a lot more that should be done with them than simply having the mannequins support the clothes. As in any marketing there are are basic goals to let people know.

  • Why they should buy the clothes & or accessories and how they will benefit them personally. Clothes can give them a certain look and make them look trendy etc.
  • What this product will do, what it will practically accomplish. Is the jacket waterproof ? Do the shoes prevent blisters ?
  • How this product does what it does. What material is used ? Is the construction super-high-tech ?
  • What or all the creative things you can do with this product.

You can do all these things by incorporating posters, video-displays and signs in the displays. Have a look at your current promotions and see if they are communicating as well as they could.

Fashion at Music Events

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Marketing — UDadmin @ 3:20 pm

Music events like the Billboard Music Awards get so much attention and promotion that its no surprise they are great for showcasing clothes and style ideas. I’ve mentioned it in a couple of other posts, but it’s worth saying again that “jumping on the bandwagon” and using the promotion of major events is a great way to keep you displays current and attract interest. Music awards, fashion shows and local occasions are all great for providing the images a looks that people have shown they are interested in seeing.

Recent African Fashion

Filed under: Displays,Fashion — UDadmin @ 11:08 pm

I’m starting to see blog posts about African fashion popping up this year. Last year it was more vintage dresses and style that seemed to be cropping up, but recently its patterns and ochers out of Africa. this post at http://www.bellanaija.com is worth reading and has a nice pic of America’s first lady in an African dress. So now you know what to keep your eyes open for, work out how you can use this in your shop front displays ( and read some more here about shop mannequins ).

Clothes and Fashion on TV

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — UDadmin @ 10:54 pm

You often think of fashion trends and being set on the catwalk or celebrities leading the way with a new label, but something that doesn’t come to mind as quickly is how much fashion is set in scripted TV shows. People identify with characters in TV series and you’ll often notice people who have dressed in a similar way to their favorite characters. And taking note of the amount of money and activity that goes into promoting TV series, its another area to consider when you’re creating your own displays for your customers.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, using the styles and concepts that other marketers have already found to work, and identifying your advertising with current trends is a good way to catch more attention with shop-front displays.

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