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Archive for August, 2011

Show’em a Little Leg – Mannequin Legs!

Filed under: Fashion — Tags: , — eve @ 2:27 am

Talking about legs, look at this post about Fall fashion that featured almost all bottoms, skirts and leggings – http://madamenoire.com. Here are some different ways to show off legs, and mannequins can look so attractive and sexy in wearing certain types of outfits. These unique displays are specifically created to help emphasise great long legs and these fine looking mannequin legs can really help promote the designs, and make you want them !

Tops or bottoms all have their individually unique look to emphasise a gorgeous body, but sometimes paired up, they are a great match and even further enhance a woman’s beauty. Mixing and matching is what fashion is all about.

We have a bit more written about this on our page about fashion marketing.


Striped Mannequins for Visual Impact

Filed under: Mannequins — John Ronzel @ 11:54 am
striped mannequin Striped Mannequins for Visual Impact

Striped Mannequin

United Displays provided a major retailer with new striped mannequins to which not only displays the garments in the best possible manner but also creates a visual attraction which blends with the shop’s interior fittings. Read more on customised mannequins at this page

Fitness Tracks & Fashion Sneakers!

Filed under: Fashion — Tags: , , — eve @ 12:08 am

Fashion models and designers are all buzzing over the newest Fashion sneakers. I’m not talking about sneakers literally, but rather the thought of gearing towards a healthy and active lifestyle! The Project Runway models and hosts are now on the verge of promoting an active lifestyle.  They are now creating designs for sports apparel that is both trendy and fun.

It’s really great that they’re promoting an active lifestyle too. They even created their designs in the track and field. That’s a part of being a designer, creating almost anything that comes from their wildest imagination and presenting it to the world. Somehow looking good and feeling good are two things that should come hand in hand when it comes to fashion.

To learn more about fashion why not read our page about Fashion Marketing!

Austin Fashion Week kicks off

Filed under: Fashion — eve @ 10:18 pm

http://www.readthehorn.com featured Austin Fashion Week, where different fashion designers and models present their creations to the world.  The runway was filled with gorgeous men and women gathered there not just to look great, but to share their talents to the world.

The event was a whole package of entertainment, fun and fashion and the designers were given a chance to express their creativity.  The announcement of winners will be this coming August 27, 2011.  It must have been super fun!

Why should you pay attention to fashion weeks ? Read our page about female mannequins to find out !

25 Fashion Websites !

Filed under: Fashion — Tags: , , — eve @ 3:49 am

There’s a post at http://www.webdesignersblog.net that shows a great selection fashion design websites.  The images on the sites are really stunning and fresh, with examples of fashion from previous years and today. Even in the photography you can see that not too much has changed from the fashion of 10 years ago and modern-day style.

If there have been changes, it’s only to make previous styles more glamorous – the patterns of designs are somehow quite similar.  The sites listed in the post are well worth clicking through to and looking at, both for ideas in your own marketing and displays, and simply because they are so aesthetic.

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