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Archive for September, 2011

Kanye West Rocks Women’s Clothes With New Fashion Line

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins — Tags: , , — eve @ 3:12 am

Now guys like Kanye West are into creating women’s fashion clothes.  It may sound unusual but let’s face it – fashion is for everybody!  Most of us are probably expecting macho designs from a guy, but now even guys are interested in producing girl’s outfits!

Well male fashion sense may be tricky, and maybe guys more often go for something simple and common, but a lot of them also love to wear clothes that make them look remarkable. From a woman’s point of view, guy’s clothes are all somewhat similar, unlike ladies dresses which you can really distinguish one style from another. Still, a lot of men like to give a unique impression to everyone of what type of guy they are by their outfit.

Promoting male fashion has it’s own technique and you can read more about how to do this effectively on our page about male mannequins!

High-end Clothes Store Suffers with Economic Turn Down!

Filed under: Displays,Marketing — eve @ 6:41 am

When the economy suffers, a lot of things are affected including businesses like shops or boutiques. The high-end clothes shop is no exception. It’s no surprise since people start to go after the cheaper clothes. But not all people do – some individuals still considers the quality of clothes. Shop owners must first identify the problems with their collection or strategy and then try to find the solution.

With these things in mind shop owners must think of ways to properly promote their displays and increase their sales! Want to know how?  Let us help you with some tips, and learn various ways to increase your sales!

Style News

Filed under: Displays,Fashion — Tags: , , — eve @ 4:10 am

If your mother, father of sister are fashion icons it can sometimes be expected of you too. If you look a this post at http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com you can see that being a kid doesn’t mean you  can’t show people what you’ve got when it comes to fashion.

Fashion’s Big Night

Filed under: Fashion — Tags: , — eve @ 9:39 am

For some ideas on dressing your mannequins, have a look at Florida Fashion’s Night Out ! Touted by the media to be the world’s biggest celebration of fashion, it’s the third year of Fashion’s Night Out and they have a lot to offer. Not only the latest trends, but also musical performances and runaway shows! It’s a night where you can see beautiful and famous people all in one place and enjoy looking at those divine clothes collections.

The idea of making people experience different things when it comes to fashion is really amazing, and people look forward to what’s new. It’s a way to increase consumer confidence and boost the industry even though there is a worldwide recession going.

Shopping is fun! So if you love shopping you’ll definitely want to know more about it. We talk about presenting people with what they want on our page about shop mannequins.

Fashion Gone Rogue

Filed under: Displays,Fashion — Tags: , , — eve @ 10:35 am

Fashion really is a lot of things, and here it is gone rouge ! Have a look at http://fashiongonerogue.com – the models manage to look so sophisticated even though they are outdoors, wearing rugged shirts and carrying guns. This style is so vintage and never fails to look so beautiful!

The designers and photographers really manage to get the balance between aggressive, and sophisticated with the models look and style. The props really make an impact as well to what the picture wants to project, and altogether its a great example of how the vintage look remains strikingly gorgeous !

Vintage is a look and feel that people still love, and this applies equally to vintage mannequin styles as well.

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