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Archive for October, 2011

Diane von Furstenberg Weighs In on Fashion Month

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Public figures like Diane von Furstenberg with DVF creative director Yves Mispelaere gave a statement that they will not budge from New York’s plans to begin the U.S. fashion week on the second Thursday of September 2012.  Ms. von Furstenberg is president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which is the closest thing the U.S. has to an oversight body for designers, so she is speaking for the American industry as a whole. This is an example of a  colorful internal struggle for fashion designers that has little direct bearing on consumer. Instead, it highlights the angst of the fashion business these days, when hundreds of designers feel obligated to show their collections on runways to garner attention from the press.

It maybe some sort competition and ritual that they present week after week but it gives people the chance to organize their schedules ahead of time to plan in advance if they want to watch the show. Some misunderstandings might happen between different fashion show coordinators because of the conflicts of schedules. This kind of circumstance may sometimes be unavoidable but no matter what one thing is for sure, the SHOW MUST GO ON!

Did you know that fashion shows do not only give designers an opportunity to express their ideas and talents but they also provide aspiring talents an inspiration to be able to discover any hidden gifts they  already possess.  This gives them the opportunity to create something exclusively. Talking about exclusive fashion, we have more about COUTURE!

OSU Football Fashion Show More than About just Looking Good

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Oklahoma’s goes Project Runway with their  new uniform! It’s not just making them look and  feel good but also makes them play really good..“If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you play good,” This is quite a subjective statement, now they have to prove to all their critiques that they’re  not just for show, they’re for Real Play!.

It’s really fun knowing that football players have their sense of fashion too and that they give importance with their looks just the way they want their game to end, I say it’s  victory with style!  Although people criticizes their outlook still it’s a positive way to boost their self confidence and thus motivate them to always give their best!

It’s one amazing and unique way for football players to make their game more fun and exciting! They make the audiences dread over the suspense of how they’ll look. Now people will not only anticipate how the game goes but also how the players look! Talking about Football, do you want some tips to how you can promote your Men’s wear by increasing the  guys interests in  fashion? Check out our page with men’s fashion taste and how male mannequins display can help you win them!

New York Fashion Week Gives Hint of Actresses’ Awards Season Looks

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The recently wrapped New York spring 2012 fashion shows are the best  because it gives us what the actresses will wear and looks before they hit the fashion mags. It’s really awesome! We better anticipate that spring fashion style will surely rule the fashion outfits that the celebrities will wear!

It’s really interesting when you already have a vision of what the stars will probably wear for their upcoming red carpet events. Also it’ll stimulate your imagination by giving you a taste of the gorgeous and elegant looking outfits, in that way  it stimulates your imagination and creativity.

Interested much about FASHION?! Check out our tips to promote FASHION


2011 Emmy Awards Fashion: Celebrities Show Their Colors

Filed under: Fashion — eve @ 2:45 am

The Hollywood Red Carpet event is one of many people’s most awaited occasions. Here you can definitely witness a pageant of magnificent gowns, especially designed for and worn by stunning ladies. Not just that – it’s also an event where all the celebrities come out looking their best!

While many look so stunning and gorgeous, some of them can be overdressed  or inappropriately dressed !  None the less, there often great ideas and outrageous concepts that capture a lot of attention.  Read more on our FASHION page to quench your thirst !

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