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Archive for November, 2011

Fashion Scene at 2011 Art Basel Miami

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Another star-studded event took place last Dec. 1 2011, at Miami Beach, and it’s emerged as a major affair attended by the crème-de-la-crème of the fashion industry. The Art Basel Miami is said to be the sister event of Art Basel in Switzerland. Apart from being a platform for contemporary art dealers and collectors, it’s also an important event in the luxury fashion arena.

It’s a star-studded event that somehow created a fashion exhibit out of an art exhibit. Although the glam and fashion is already overwhelming, the Financial Times notes that the many fashion brands attending the event have to adhere to a certain set of rules and guidelines : the collection must have an impact in such a way that the art will be the highlight of the show.

The event illustrates how fashion and art can roll into one and a lot of highly regarded designers, photographers and high-end luxury brands presented their creations at the event. It points out the importance of presentation, how you present your creations to the world can have a huge impact on whether or not people will love it or hate it.

It’s quite similar to how you display your dresses in your shop windows. Your mannequins can play a big part in attracting potential buyers.

Want more info ? Read how you can win the hearts of the market using display mannequins !

Museum at FIT to Explore ‘Fashion Icons and Insiders’

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It’s not only artists and old, rare artifacts that you find in Museums. New York’s Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) held it’s fashion symposium and this year’s confab was star-studded.

Fashion enthusiasts and aspiring fashion designers admired the works of the most sought after designers and fashion icons.  They also featured different topics from Jean Paul Gaultier and Standard Oil heiress Millicent Rogers to “vampire dandies” and how luxury goods like the Hermès Birkin have replaced living, breathing fashion icons. Fashion is an industry that’s constantly changing, yet these extremely talented artists created designs marked the minds of many for years to come.

There are many ways to express an individual’s creativity, and some artists utilize their skills in molding the perfect mannequin for fashion shops to display their beautiful dresses. Discover how display mannequins can contribute to dress creation and also increase your shop sales !

Fashion Portal Handles Online Sales For Small Boutiques

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Targeting small retail stores without their own e-commerce, there are a growing number of  websites that allow retailers to join as part of an online shopping community. These online shops offer a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Customers browsing the site can view delivery information and photos for items, as well as details about the particular shops selling them. Visitors can search by item or by shop and area; when they find something they like, they order and pay.

They’re a convenience for people that helps them to save time for things that are more important than buying groceries or shopping for clothes.

In fact there are a lot of ways to promote your products like online marketing and virtual marketing, but the classic window shopping will never go out of style. Yes it’s true that it’s convenient to shop online, but the fun and enjoyment of shopping is still different when you’re actually doing the choosing and trying on clothes.

Do you want to know more about how to promote your beautiful fashion designs?  Then read more about how your display mannequins can be used to increase your saless!

The 20 Best Dresses Of Fashion Month

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Every month is a FASHION month! New sets of designs are presented to the pubic. Different designers have their scheduled fashion shows to entice the eyes of both men and women.  One of the world’s best-known fashion magazines, The Gloss presents their favorite collection The 20 Best Dresses of Fashion Month! From the famous Alexander McQueen to Rodarte to Gareth Pugh, enjoy the show with all of  the crazy prints and textures in between.

The designs possess both elegance and a fresh look! Admit it or not these fashion shows have a huge impact in our choice of clothing. The fact that models looks so good with all those new designs gives ladies a chance to envision themselves looking that great and hot!

Taking about impact, what other things do you think influence the clothes you buy?!  I have an answer to that . . . mannequins! They may seem insignificant but they promote fashion!




Jewellery Display

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One of the best ways of displaying jewellery is on part of the human anatomy especially the hands as people have an affinity to handling jewellery pieces.  I’ve attached an image of an example of this.  As seen it automatically catches the eye and hopefully draws the prospective buyer to further investigate.  For other examples of jewellery displays using hands in different position or other displays  can be found here Jewellery Display Hands Jewellery Display

About United Displays

United Displays commenced in 1946 specialising in servicing the requirements of the visual merchandising segment of the retail industry.

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