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Archive for January, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins — Tags: , , , — eve @ 6:04 am

We all know that Red Carpet Events like Golden Globe Awards is one of the most awaited star-studded event.. Stars looks definitely gorgeous with their gowns, their all shinning, shimmering, definitely a star. Don’t they all looked so good? Wonder how they are able to pull off such Awesome look? The Hollywood reporter managed to interview Octavia Spencer, and commented that her Fashion sense is not bad for an actress unheard of until she played Minnie in The Help.

For a star like Olivia it’s hard to find an outfit that will make her shine among others especially in an awards night, but despite that fact she said what she loved most about awards night is people get to wear something they normally can’t. She also mentioned that a personal touch is always good when it comes to dressing up, you know showing the world who you are in a different way.

So how about you?  How do you want to present yourself to the fashion world? What type of clothing will you go for? Will you choose the dress the mannequin is wearing? Or choose something you visualized your self in? Well it’s your choice!

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Fashion Resolutions for the New Year

Filed under: Displays,Fashion,Mannequins — eve @ 8:14 am

Are you excited on what the Fashion Industry have to offer for 2012?  I’m pretty sure that each of us have their own Fashion Resolutions for the New Year, so what are yours?

Why not spare some time and read the blog on 4 Fashion resolutions for the New Year, you might even share your ideas and make your resolutions more organize!

1. Purge and organize your wardrobe.

Having a clutter-free closet not only looks good, but makes getting dressed in the mornings a lot less stressful.

Start by getting rid everything that you don’t need or haven’t worn in over a year. Once your closet is organized, keep it that way. Hang clothes back up, fold items neatly and always put your shoes back where they belong.

2. Discover your signature style.

Try to develop your signature style. A signature style could be defined by a piece of jewelry, a style of clothing or a specific kind item you always wear.

3. Challenge yourself, style-wise.

 Go outside your fashion comfort zone when it comes to fashion. It’s true that sometimes it’s healthy that we go outside our comfort zone and try something new.

4. Don’t be afraid to splurge every now and then!

It’s absolutely okay to splurge once in a while. As long as you don’t compromise your obligations then why not right?

These are just some Fashion New Year Resolution why not start your own list now? Now ask yourself what am I supposed to do to be more fashion forward this year?

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