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Archive for March, 2013

Fascination with Mannequins

Filed under: Mannequins — John Ronzel @ 9:44 am

Mannequins are a strange thing, some people are enchanted by them whilst others have a distinct dislike for them claiming they are weird and spooky. Who would like to be in a semi lit room full of mannequins. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is actually a phobia about the fear of mannequins.

The actual split is hard to quantify but I would guess to say that more people find them interesting than the latter.

Why this fascination? I think there are various reasons. Firstly because a mannequin approximates the ideal human form for displaying clothes, clothes always look good on a mannequin, there is a touch of envy as to the body shape, it is the ultimate dream for most to have the perfect height & proportions of a mannequin. How many people have actually looked at a naked mannequin and thought I wish I had that body. But that’s the thing, it is the epitome of a human form – absolute perfection.

Secondly is it also the macabre fascination of a naked mannequin with its various components ie legs and arms which resemble a dismembered body. The realism of the body parts is often a little too real.

Thirdly mannequins are more often than not expressionless and without soul, unlike dolls which children have an affinity with and are able to establish a bond with by personifying them. Is it this lack of expression why some people find them spooky and they can’t relate to them because they can be somewhat zombie like.

In the end though, mannequins are just a visual merchandising instrument designed to make you take notice of the window or store and hopefully draw you in. They can personalise the store by becoming a specific image for their product and they can add interest and theatre to the window shopper.

About United Displays

United Displays commenced in 1946 specialising in servicing the requirements of the visual merchandising segment of the retail industry.

With our extensive skills base in sculpturing and moulding we can custom-make any items including mannequins, signs, museum pieces, theme park displays, jewellery displays, decorative pieces and other props.