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Female Mannequins – How to use them Successfully

3femaleMannequins Female Mannequins   How to use them SuccessfullyIf you’re reading this page, then it’s likely that you manage or own a clothes or fashion shop or have some interest in the fashion business.

Female fashion has traditionally been marketed and promoted best on real female models and in stores, female mannequins. Just look at how much attention and interest fashion-catwalk shows and fashion weeks produce. Sales and income are directly proportional to the amount of attention that you can generate.

The best mannequin displays duplicate the message presented at these shows as much as possible. A great example of this is a picture I saw recently of the actress Megan Fox posing with a mannequin of herself. You can see how the marketer is copying the celebrity, her look and style as much a possible as a strategy to sell the fashion.

2 Easy and Useful Strategies

1) The first thing you should realize and DO if you are going to promote goods with female mannequins is make use of the millions of dollars that the big fashion labels are investing in promotion. They have done their research, know what people are interested in and are already promoting products that people want.

Consumers are aware of the ads on TV and on the billboards, and if you use these by copying the look of the ads and using the material the companies often provide for your displays, they will get noticed – so jump on the bandwagon.

2) The next thing to know, is that both men and woman prefer the female form. There was a great test made just recently by a marketer using Facebook adds. In fact I’ve written about it in this post – Why Choose Female Mannequins ?

The upshot was that both men and woman clicked the ad with the picture of an attractive woman on it A LOT more than any of the others. Now this is really good information that’s easy to make use of. Where-ever possible, use attractive female mannequins in your displays.

There are a number of other marketing tools and strategies that should be used with mannequin displays, including split testing, surveys and the use of demographic information. Our business is helping you to do better with your store or boutique displays.

Contact us and find out how you can improve conditions with your mannequin displays.

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