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Who Else Wants Effective Male Mannequin Displays ?

Walk into almost any male clothing department or fashion boutique and you’ll find the focal point of the displays is a male mannequin or the mannequin are strategically positioned to catch attention. There’s good reason for this; as you’ll read in other pages on this website, mannequins have been shown statistically to do a good job of increasing sales.

There are a lot of different types of male mannequin to choose between and an unlimited number of displays, positions and arrangements that can be set up. So as with all marketing, its a matter of testing what works best. But to start off with there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. With any fashion display, male or female, mannequins are an intrinsic part of the store and should form a part of the overall promotional strategy. There’s a concept in marketing of the “mixed message”. When there are too many slogans and sales propositions, often disrelated, then no single message is communicated and potential buyers get confused and sales go down. So make sure that the mannequins forward the store’s main sales proposition and stick to the theme !
  2. Read what was found out about female and male mannequins.
  3. With all mannequin displays there are lots of things you can test – with or without heads or limbs, poses, colors and finishes, sizes and shapes. Test them all.
  4. Make sure you take into account the demographics of the market you’re targeting – read this.

There is a particular thing that should be taken into account when displaying suits and formal wear, and that’s that the jacket need to sit well on the shoulders with the collar hugging the back of the neck and front lapels sitting properly on the chest. A well-cut suit will still look terrible if it has to be pinned up to fit the mannequin.

There are techniques that can be used to improve sales, that you can use with male mannequin and any mannequin display, and you can read more about them in the pages of this website. The most important thing though is to test what works and constantly improve the selling ability of your displays. Its not particularly expensive to set up new displays to test with of get custom mannequins produced. So contact us and find out the easiest ways to go about it.

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About United Displays

United Displays commenced in 1946 specialising in servicing the requirements of the visual merchandising segment of the retail industry.

With our extensive skills base in sculpturing and moulding we can custom-make any items including mannequins, signs, museum pieces, theme park displays, jewellery displays, decorative pieces and other props.