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What’s the Best Mannequin Head ?

Displaying jewelry, scarves and hats usually don’t require a complete mannequin. If these are the main items in your boutique or store it makes sense not to waste space providing entire figures. But heads, being the part of the body that attract the most attention will mostly require more care and attention to detail than a mannequin body.

One thing to pay attention to if you’re buying mannequin heads is that they are a good representation of the customer’s in your area. Following the current world trend, most mannequins are made in China these days, as the Western world can’t compete with their large-scale industry that produces products at extremely low prices. Chinese mannequins are good quality, but you’ll find that they still have a chinese look to them, particularly the heads.

You want to gain the maximum agreement from prospective buyers, so make sure you get the first cast or design created by people from your area, who can duplicate the appropriate racial characteristics for the mould ( needles to say, this is where we specialize ).

The other things you want to get right are the age of the face and hairstyle. It’s covered in some posts in this website, but 80% of your customers live within 5 miles of your store. So you can see what the mannequin heads should look like simply by paying attention to the age and look of the target public in your area.

Mannequin heads can be abstract as well, and there are ranges of finishes and a number of different ways of creating and presenting them. But it can’t be said enough that you find out from the people you are selling to what it is that would attract them. Survey a few – have a few set questions and ask people who come into the store and keep a tally. Any marketer will tell you that you can raise sales and income simply by finding out what people want, and then providing it.

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United Displays commenced in 1946 specialising in servicing the requirements of the visual merchandising segment of the retail industry.

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