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Phone: +61 2 9560 6222

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Mannequins For Sale . . .

readyToSucceed Mannequins For Sale . . .

mannequins for sale

SB male mannequin Mannequins For Sale . . .

We have a limited stock of male mannequins ready to ship immediately. Let us know by the form below if you’d like us to contact you.

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303813114 Mannequins For Sale . . .

Did you know that there is a technology to :

  • Find the right shop mannequin display that sells ?
  • Refine displays so that the results are constantly improving ?
  • But most retailers don’t know or use any technique or strategy !

    To market effectively to a target group you need to find out what they want, provide it and let them know.  There are tested and proven ways to do this in many areas of marketing, and they apply equally well to shop-front displays.

  • Find a cost-effective solution that will work in your business.
  • Increase your display effectiveness and sales
  • . . .

    Go to our Solutions page for help with your display and marketing strategy.

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    About United Displays

    United Displays commenced in 1946 specialising in servicing the requirements of the visual merchandising segment of the retail industry.

    With our extensive skills base in sculpturing and moulding we can custom-make any items including mannequins, signs, museum pieces, theme park displays, jewellery displays, decorative pieces and other props.