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Shop Mannequins and Sales

Finding out what people want, and then presenting them with the thing they have told you they want is what marketing is about. In the fashion industry, shop mannequins have a good track-record of presenting the fashion that people want, with far better results than other means.

People want to wear the things that other people agree are “in” because they like to look good in front of others. So when you display clothes and accessories you want to convince them that they’ll look great when they wear them, and create the look that they want. Shop mannequins are terrific for this, while its very hard to present a complete image to your customers by hanging the clothes and accessories on a rack.

Now while any mannequin displays can show people what the latest fashion trends are, getting the display right by choosing the mannequins that communicate best to your public make a big difference.

female shop mannequin Shop Mannequins and Sales

What do people tell others about what they want ?

Presenting the right image with shop mannequins is pretty much a result of researching the niche you’re targeting and finding out from real people, in current time, what they want.

  • Pay attention to the opinion leaders and trendsetters for your target public. You may need to find out who they are first ( read Right Message at the Right Time ) but they’re often celebrities. So recent magazine pictures and articles can give you a heap of ideas for your displays.
  • Big fashion labels do their market research before developing a product. So it can be good to see how they present their goods and your suppliers will often provide results of their research if you ask.
  • But don’t just rely on the suppliers and manufacturer for style and presentation ideas, as they may not have got it right. Keep track of things from a variety of sources.

The best mannequins will duplicate the look that the customers are trying to create because they’re copying their friends or perceive it as their self-image. For example you may have a new range of shirts and trousers come in, and are targeting middle aged businessmen. Should you display the garments on coloured, abstract mannequins ? or conservative white ones.

The best thing to do is check with the local public and there’s a good chance that while you thought they were quite, conservative types, they actually consider themselves to be trendy, up-beat people. An effective marketing campaign for them would probably do best with the modern, colourful mannequins.

Statistics & Split Testing

Managing by statistics means that the actions you take are based on the trend of statistic graphs. There is technique called “split-testing” used in other areas of marketing that can be very applicable to shop mannequin displays. Create 2 displays of the same clothes or items with a difference between them. Keep sales statistics so that you know which displays produce the most over a period, and then adjust the losing display. Always try to beat the winning display by making more sales from the adjusted one and always improving your displays ability to sell.


  1. Research the market before displaying any products;
  2. Find out what your customers perception of themselves really is;
  3. Use custom mannequins and displays where-ever possible to show customers how the articles on display deliver the image they want;
  4. Do more and split test your displays to continue to improve their sales ability.

It’s actually not expensive to produce a custom range of shop mannequins and they do increase sales.

Go to our Solutions page for help with your display and marketing strategy.

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