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25 Fashion Websites !

Filed under: Fashion — Tags: , , — eve @ 3:49 am

There’s a post at http://www.webdesignersblog.net that shows a great selection fashion design websites.  The images on the sites are really stunning and fresh, with examples of fashion from previous years and today. Even in the photography you can see that not too much has changed from the fashion of 10 years ago and modern-day style.

If there have been changes, it’s only to make previous styles more glamorous – the patterns of designs are somehow quite similar.  The sites listed in the post are well worth clicking through to and looking at, both for ideas in your own marketing and displays, and simply because they are so aesthetic.

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Guide: How to Make Aria’s Mouse Top

Filed under: Fashion — Tags: , , , — eve @ 7:18 pm

I read a blog post that gives instructions for creating your own design of a mouse top. It’s very playful and cute and teenage girls often enjoy wearing their own creations. Sometimes it can be a start of a bright fashion designer career !

Making your own clothes is one way of enhancing the creativity of teenagers and kids. It’s a package of everything nice, like mixing fun and fashion? Why not? Girls will surely love to experiment.

We have more written about displaying fashion for kids on our pages about female mannequins and child mannequins.

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