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We all have our different summer faves outfit! Thebeautydepartment.com shared  four favorite pairs of summer must have shoes along with nail shades to either match them or clash them.

The Wedge,almost all of us girls loves these pretty pair of shoes, I mean who wouldn’t?  It makes you look so fresh and feminine, paired with the right nail polish I”m sure you’re going to make every girls envy those beauties you’re wearing.

Favorite Sandals, these pair of canary sandals can definitely make you look light and fun and can definitely brighten any outfit.

And then we have the pumps, the tri-colored heels they picked couldn’t be more on trend for the season and are beyond sexy!

Last but not the least are the platform that Rachel designed. Platforms can make you look sexy and simple. The red ones makes you look feisty!

Different types of accessories compliments your total look, from your headbands or head dress down to your shoes can make any statement depending on how you want people to see you! Isn’t it amazing?  You don’t need to tell the world what you are verbally anymore! With your glamour and style? It’s going to be impossible to ignore you!

Even different boutiques and stores today dresses their mannequins in a way that shoppers would want to look and would definitely buy those items for sale!

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Golden Globes Fashion

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We all know that Red Carpet Events like Golden Globe Awards is one of the most awaited star-studded event.. Stars looks definitely gorgeous with their gowns, their all shinning, shimmering, definitely a star. Don’t they all looked so good? Wonder how they are able to pull off such Awesome look? The Hollywood reporter managed to interview Octavia Spencer, and commented that her Fashion sense is not bad for an actress unheard of until she played Minnie in The Help.

For a star like Olivia it’s hard to find an outfit that will make her shine among others especially in an awards night, but despite that fact she said what she loved most about awards night is people get to wear something they normally can’t. She also mentioned that a personal touch is always good when it comes to dressing up, you know showing the world who you are in a different way.

So how about you?  How do you want to present yourself to the fashion world? What type of clothing will you go for? Will you choose the dress the mannequin is wearing? Or choose something you visualized your self in? Well it’s your choice!

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Fashion Scene at 2011 Art Basel Miami

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Another star-studded event took place last Dec. 1 2011, at Miami Beach, and it’s emerged as a major affair attended by the crème-de-la-crème of the fashion industry. The Art Basel Miami is said to be the sister event of Art Basel in Switzerland. Apart from being a platform for contemporary art dealers and collectors, it’s also an important event in the luxury fashion arena.

It’s a star-studded event that somehow created a fashion exhibit out of an art exhibit. Although the glam and fashion is already overwhelming, the Financial Times notes that the many fashion brands attending the event have to adhere to a certain set of rules and guidelines : the collection must have an impact in such a way that the art will be the highlight of the show.

The event illustrates how fashion and art can roll into one and a lot of highly regarded designers, photographers and high-end luxury brands presented their creations at the event. It points out the importance of presentation, how you present your creations to the world can have a huge impact on whether or not people will love it or hate it.

It’s quite similar to how you display your dresses in your shop windows. Your mannequins can play a big part in attracting potential buyers.

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