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2 Great Solutions for a Vintage Mannequin

Both retro and vintage mannequins can be beautiful and eye-catching and its actually not hard or expensive to create a custom display. Before I go over the 2 solutions though, there’s a bit more data you should read  :

Vintage & Retro

The definition that I think works best for vintage mannequin is one that’s cast in a distinctive and recognisable fashion from a previous time. This should probably exclude retro mannequins where an outdated style or trend has become fashionable again, but there’s definitely an overlap.


As with all marketing, the purpose of mannequin displays is to draw attention towards what you’re offering and away from the competition. It’s often called differentiation, and used in the right place, vintage mannequins can be really good at that. What I mean by “used in the right place” is that you do need to find out from your target public ( by survey or other means ) what it is they consider to be the correct promotion to them. They may consider that in this time and place, vintage is the desirable image for them – in which case vintage mannequins would be appropriate.

There’s a lot of nostalgia associated with particular times in history such as the 1930s and 1960s when society was going through a lot of change and it’s likely that a large proportion of the public would be attracted to images and forms from these particular periods. But again, this is something that should be tested.

I guess, the thing you’re most interested in if you’ve come to this website and page, is how to get a custom vintage display for yourself at a price that won’t send you broke.

How to Get a Vintage Mannequin Display

If you’re looking to display modern-made clothes on vintage mannequins, one thing you should be aware of is that bodies have grown a lot since the 1940s. So using mannequins that are exactly the same as from back then is a bad move, because the clothes don’t fit.

One great solution is to fix an antique-style mannequin head to a standard modern body. Or, as a large number of vintage mannequins were dressmaker and tailor forms, another solution is to simply use the modern equivalent of these. Ranges of vintage and antique-style mannequins can be very cost effectively produced using todays production methods, so don’t assume that you can’t afford a custom display.

Contact us for a quote or advice and find out how easy it actually is.

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